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In providing our services, we started by hiring a professional and competent staff. We believe that hiring such individuals to carry out the day care center’s policies and procedures enhances our customers’ satisfactions. Unlike our competitors, we do not have a high turn-around with our staff. The company maintains a high staff-to-child ratio required by the State of New Jersey. Additionally, all staff members receive on-going professional development training all year round and are required to have valid CPR and First Aid Certifications at all times.

In addition, Sunshine offers the following services:

  • Open-door policy
  • Safe and clean environment
  • Flexible approach for mealtimes and activities
  • Range of activities, toys and educational materials
  • Open staff and parent communication
  • Teachers with early childhood education
  • Potty training
  • Full-time care and before/after care
  • Meals
  • Computers
  • Pick-up service for school aged children
  • Summer camp
  • 24 hour security surveillance


The open-door policy is one of our principal services. This service allows parents to come in unannounced to observe their children and our staff.


Sunshine DayCare Center maintains a safe and clean environment with soft surfaces beneath climbing equipment. All of our furniture is child sized with rounded edges. In addition, the company also covers all electrical outlets.


A flexible approach to activities is another service that Sunshine DayCare Center offers. This service allows young children to eat when hungry and sleep when tired, and older children to initiate activities.


Sunshine DayCare Center also has a range of toys, books, materials and activities for children of all ages. This service allows children to participate in activities that they can relate to as well as advance in all forms of behaviors.


The company sends home regular notes to inform parents of when a child ate and slept and the status of their child's day.


Sunshine DayCare Center hires teachers with early educational and childhood background. We believe that experienced teachers have the knowledge and skills to develop programs for each unique child enrolled in our company. This service allows children at all stages to learn at their own pace.


Sunshine DayCare Center knows how important potty training is with our parents. Our potty training techniques and schedules are developed to fit each child’s needs.


Sunshine DayCare Center has full-time hours to accommodate our parents. We also provide breakfast, lunch and a snack daily. All foods are nutritional. All beverages are 100 percent fruit juice and/or 2 percent milk or whole milk. 


In contemporary times, we understand how important computer technology is and we employ such technology. In the classrooms, there are computer to promote computer literacy in our small children as well as before/after care students. 


Sunshine DayCare Center strives to provide an environment that is safe and conducive for learning to all children. We understand that we are responsible for our clients’ most valuable assets. As such, the center has acquired a 24 hour security surveillance system. 

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